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KNF FLEXPAK Corporation

The leading custom Manufacturer and Converter of Nylon and Polyethylene and Multilayer Film Products for over 50 years. We also slit coextrude material to size and convert it into bags. Providing top-quality materials for Military-Spec, Industrial Barrier and Composite Packaging, Food Service and Processing as well as Burial Products manufactured to your specifications.  With a commitment to excellence, our Quality Management Systems (QMS) are certified to ISO-9001:2015 by Orion Registrars. Moreover, our Ultraclean products are manufactured in ISO-14644-certified Class-5 Clean Rooms

Our Products

Our products serve a wide range of industries, including Food Service and Food Processing, Medical, Burial, Military, Industrial, Electrical, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, and Composite Industries. We offer stock and custom-formulated blends for single-wound sheeting, centerfold, and tubing in various sizes, thicknesses, and features. Specializing in high-temperature Nylon applications, our offerings include cooking and oven bags, pan-liners, solvent recovery, cook chill, vacuum bagging film, square bottom bags, barrier and military use bags and packaging.

Our innovative FRESHylon Microperforation produce bags extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables during transportation. Trust our professional sales managers and experienced internal personnel to provide the highest customer service.

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Nylon Material Applications

  • Aerospace: Kenylon and Kenclave Film Products Offer Cleanliness and Heat Stability for Sensitive Instruments.
  • Chemical Packaging: Kenylon Provides Excellent Aroma and Gas Barrier for Packaging Pesticides, Fertilizers, and Chemicals.
  • Clean Rooms: Kenylon Bags Ensure No Dirt or Debris Enters, With Strong Abrasion Resistance and Good Heat Stability.
  • Dental, Medical, Laboratory: Kenclave Films Are a Barrier to Bacteria and Dirt During Instrument Sterilization.
  • Disposable Hot Air Ducts: Kenylon Film Tubing is Lightweight, Easy to Handle, and Cost-Effective for Ducting Hot Air and Chemical Vapors.
  • Electronics: Clean Anti-static Bags Protect Circuits From Static Electricity Without Pinholes.
  • Food Packaging and Processing: Kenylon Films Are Fda-Approved, With Excellent Aroma Barrier and Resistance to Oil and Grease. Ideal for Boil-In-The-Bag, Cook-Chill Bags, and More.
  • Retail and Institutional Cooking Bags: Kenylon's Heat, Grease, and Oil Resistance Make It Perfect for Cooking Poultry, Red Meats, and Vegetables, Leaving Food Moist and Tasty.
  • Solvent Recovery Still Liners: Kenylon's Heat and Chemical Resistance Make It the Preferred Bag for Lining Solvent Recovery Still Kettles, With Easy Disposal.
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Products We Offer

  • Angled Corner Seals
  • Bags on a Roll
  • Bags With Ties
  • Barrier Bags
  • Bun Sheet Pan
  • Clean Bags
  • Clean to LVL
  • Clear AS Poly
  • Coex Bags w/tear notch in side
  • Cook-In-Bag
  • Folded Nylon bag
  • Green Tint Nylon Tubing
  • High Heat Oven Bags (reg pan)
  • High Heat Pan Liner (deep 1/2 pan)
  • High Heat Pan Liner (full pan)
  • Hotel Pan Deep 34 x 18
  • Kemlam Static Shielding Bags
  • Kenlam 7511 Top Sheet
  • Kenlam Barrier Bags
  • Kenlan Barrier Bag Hextab 2 sides 1color
  • Nylon Bags
  • Nylon Blue Tint
  • Nylon Oven Bag
  • Nylon Star Seal Bag
  • Nylon SWS
  • Nylon Tubing
  • Nylon/PE Sleeves
  • Oven Safe Bags - generic
  • Oven Safe Bags with holes
  • Pack & Cook Flat Bottom Bag
  • PE Bag
  • Pink AS Poly
  • Poly 6m
  • Poly Vacuum Bags
  • Sheets HGI OPL
  • Static Shielding Bags
  • Static Shielding Roll Stock (metal out)
  • Tinted PE Bag with antiblock additive
  • Tubing
  • Ultraclean Breather Bags
  • Unprinted Kenlam with double side tape on 1/2
  • V-fold
  • White Nylon Tubing
  • Burial Products Casket Trays
  • Casket Covers

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