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Manufacturing Custom Polyethylene Films, Bags & Flexible Packaging Solutions

KNF FLEXPAK in Jersey City manufacturer that extrudes and converts nylon and poly films for a variety of industries. We mostly manufacture poly products.

We incorporate FDA-approved, chemical, and puncture-resistant, low water vapor transmission rate and electrical property features into our KNF Film blends and formulations. Our product range includes ESD protective and industrial barrier packaging, intermediate bulk containers, printed and laminated packaged goods, and sheet protectors.

Over 50 Years of Experience in Extruding and Converting Nylon and Poly Film

As a custom manufacturer, we can produce tubing, bags, sheeting, and sheet products in various widths and thicknesses tailored to your flexible packaging requirements. Our Nylon products offer superior chemicals, heat and abrasion resistance, high gas barrier protection, and excellent water vapor permeability.

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Industrial Products We Offer:

  • Bags on rolls
  • Black bags on roll
  • Black loose bags
  • Center slit Gusseted Tubing, Shrink
  • Clear Amine-free
  • A clear bag full gauge
  • Clear high-density sheets
  • Clear LLDPE Poly bags on roll
  • Clear loose bag FDA strong seal
  • Clear low density
  • Clear poly bag w/anti-static
  • Clear poly bags bluefish liner
  • Clear Poly bags rolls
  • Clear Poly Tubing
  • Clear sheeting
  • Clear shrink bags
  • Clear shrink sheets
  • Clear virgin bags on roll
  • FDA approved resin poly bag
  • FLAT non-slip Flat shrink film sheeting
  • HDPE/LDPE Blended sheeting-rolls
  • Mattress bags and film
  • Mattress Bags Print
  • Plain autoclave bags
  • Polyethylene container liners
  • Printed bags 2 label large white
  • Printed color Rolls
  • Retro bake bags on roll
  • Seal on Side Bag
  • Shrink film, bag and pallet covers
  • Shrink poly bag
  • Shrink sheeting
  • Virgin degradable clear star sealed
  • Wh opa uva ct slit gusseted tubing
  • Wh Opaque Flame Resistant roll
  • White opaque bags
  • White Poly bags
  • Yellow opaque rolls
  • Recycled bags and film
  • Biodegradable bags and films
  • Bags made from 100% recycled resin

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